How It Works

“IF it’s METAL it’s MONEY”

step 1

bring your metal to us

Bring your metal to our facility where ASM will assist you, so that you can, clean and separate your metals for the best value.

step 2

we analyze it

All Scrap Metals will use state of the art industrial metal analyzers to properly identify your metals, then weigh your metal on state certified scale systems.

step 3

we pay you

All Scrap Metals will pay you the best possible price$ for your recycled metal.

All Scrap Metals makes it easy to sell and transport your scrap metal. Call us now : (504)-471-0241

Why Recycle

“Help the environment, while you help yourself”


Reduce your
carbon footprint


Reduce volume
in landfills

make money

Make money from
your scrap metal

lower cost

Lower the cost of
metal goods worldwide

If It’s Metal, It’s Money

Find out instantly how much you can make from your metal.
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